Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Out of Room


Don't worry. This isn't going to be another long diatribe about insanely small my house is, but just one small gasp of pure helplessness at how I literally have run out of space for books.

I am packed to the rafters. I am out of ideas. If you ever visit and it takes ten minutes to open the door, forgive me, but I am moving furniture to get to you, and you may have to sit on a pile of books instead of a chair if you even make it indoors.


Carry on.


  1. Have you put up shelves over all the doors (around the tops of the room) - it's a really handy place to keep books up and out of the way. x

  2. I'm resisting shelves - we do have loads and loads but if I start putting them all over the walls I'll lose light. I think the time has come to cull the collection... it's overwhelmingly big...

  3. I ve just done a book cull, it was nt as hard as I thought, I took them to a charity shop and gave some others to a friend who has just become a grandma, felt good to pass them on :)

    Where did you find that lovley crate (cardiff). ?

  4. Um, I keep my eyes open for solid crates all over the place; that one was eBay I think. They make good side tables that double as book storage!

  5. You always make me laugh and inspire me at the same time, alhamdulillah! two very good traits to have!


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