Saturday, 23 March 2013

That Was The Week That Was

I awoke this morning to snow in my garden, and it's just dawned on me that the forsythia that usually has bloomed by the end of February here has failed to bloom a single flower. I hope we get a good summer - this time last year we were at the beach (in another unusual weather pattern).

The to-do list is as long as my arm - I have not even begun to start seeds off, but given how cold it is I don't think it really matters, and I've got some aborists I need to phone to source some woodchip, being greatly inspired by this guy. I have no idea how many square feet our allotment is - I hope I don't order enough to cover a football field...

My house is still insanely small. Thought I'd throw that in.

Boys are downstairs playing monopoly. I hate monopoly. I have bad memories of board games from childhood - it always turned sour when Dad took it a little too seriously....

Swimming lessons have halted until Autumn and midget wants to learn basketball. Eldest wants to join a karting team. I want a bank account to accommodate these dreams. And a farm. Just so you don't forget.

I'm sitting surrounded by an ironing pile that is in danger of suffocating me, work paper that needs read and dealt with, lessons that need planned photocopied, and some sewing for orders that needs to be made and sent last week. So, a very good time to have a cup of tea and do some spinning instead. Anyone care to enlighten me as to how my brain works? Yeah, me either.

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