Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Spell That


After leaving the movable alphabet out for the tiddler to play around with I was greeted with this message after I'd forced them to go in the garden to get some fresh air...



I think they were trying to tell me something.

Not one to be phased by children saying they're 'bored' - especially these children of mine who have absolutely no right to be, I left them a new message to ponder, one that I have found to be true throughout my life:


True that.


  1. We play scrabble. As the game goes along the rules get laxer, foreign words and names are allowed, and by the end things like 'ie' or 'pb' finish things off nicely.

    I could do with some arabic letters to play with. I am learning ever so slowly it feels like. 5 words go into my head and 4 go out again!

    Clever to have the vowels in blue and the consonants in red.

  2. Yes, it's a montessori educational aid. They've thought it through nicely. You know the Arabs have a saying - teaching the young is like carving in stone, but teaching the old is like writing on water. Language was never my thing either.

  3. All I can say to that is AMEN Sista!

  4. i love how you captured that teaching opportunity. it's a good quote in general...i'll be sure to say it tomorrow! thanks!

  5. They just rolled their eyes and said 'whatever' ;)


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