Monday, 20 May 2013

Garden Notes


However much I think I'll remember, by the time harvest comes I've always forgotten the most basics of when I've started seeds, when I've hardened off, how many crops I planted and how many came to the table. Not that it matters, but I do like to think I'm learning as I go along with this growing gig. So this year I made a note book - watercolour paper, folded and sewed and an ink and watercolour front cover. Simple.

It will be interested to compare with other years and a nice little keepsake.




  1. of course it matters...knowledge that you can pass on to your years to come they can look back and follow and/or improve your ways....

  2. what a dear little book and your illustration is lovely! Weather permitting, we hope to go bird watching - or more specifically Cape Barren Goose watching this weekend and I would love to make something similar for Abby to record what we see. Good luck with your garden this summer - hope it brings a bounty to your plates :-)

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  4. Thankyou! You never really know with growing - it's a mysterious science. I hope we get a little bit at least


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