Tuesday, 28 May 2013

How it Grows




The last of the seedlings are still waiting to be put in situ at the allotment. I'm still learning as I go along. I have actually no clue what I'm doing, but you know what? I do enjoy this process of playing in dirt and pretending it's serious business.

Currently waiting for a tray full of carrots to finish putting second leaves up and around 70 tomato plants to be sturdy enough to transplant (I may have lost my mind a little, but we eat a lot of tomato paste here). All (ha!) we need to do now is keep on top of the weeding and watering and we cant enjoy the show for a while.


  1. 70?! Crikey! I've a windowsill of tomato plants, but aren't very sure where I'm going to put them, tbh, as they'll need supporting and some protection from rampaging children. I'd love to be able to grow enough to make tomato puree - that would be wonderful!

  2. Yeah, I'm allowing for losses but I may have actually lost my actual mind :/

  3. LOL! I 'accounted for losses' with lettuce/salad leaves this year - I have a feeling that I will be getting rather fed up of lettuce this year (although none of it is ready to pick yet).

  4. You must have a better knack at this growing lark than me then! Although TBH lettuce is rather hard to kill ;)


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