Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My Biggest Fans



These heinous, sun-faded, thrifted, dust-ridden, crimes against good taste that had been sitting in the boys' room for longer than I care to think about were destined for the charity bag or bin. I didn't much care which. Because being beyond fugly makes it OK to dispense with things in my book.

But then. There was that nagging voice in my head 'waste is the biggest sin', and I really do not like wasting perfectly useable things. It makes me tetchy even thinking about it. But I did so want something shiny and preferably not fugly... what to do?

And then Pinterest saved the day. Again. Paint! What was I thinking?! Of course, paint. Always paint.

A quick trip to the DIY store to buy aqua spray paint resulted (due to the fact that I took the boys and there was no aqua spray paint) in this - slightly better than heinous - gold fans. "We can pretend they're trophies, mummy!". Hm.



I know for a fact that one day these will be aqua. I'm just biding my time...


  1. I want to spray paint practically everything aqua. It's such an awesome color!

  2. I know! I've seen it! ;) You can't go wrong with aqua.

  3. DIY...nice!:) Lovely fans. The best feeling: hot day, no shoes, fresh wudu, and fans on the feet during salah, ahh...enjoy!

  4. We use them at night really - we can't leave the windows open for any effect because the noise from the street is too loud :(


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