Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Paint Diaries



The DIY bug has hit hard this spring. The need to spruce up, polish off, clean and tidy, well, it's time.

These chairs have been on my radar for like EVA. I thrifted them years and years ago for 50p each to go in the homeschool area. They've been well used before - I think in a school - and you can see dents, paint, marks and rust - they're battered beyond measure, but more than that? Well, they're orange. I had always intended these another colour.

And so, with a warm day ahead out came the primer and undercoat and the lovely 'craft room blue' I have used on my walls and by the end of the evening I had two matching, pretty chairs. Dent free, non-orange, and lovely.

Next on my radar - the homeschool table. Just as soon as I can decide on a colour.





  1. completely fabulous!! what a great color! was it spray paint?

  2. No, it was an emulsion over a primer. Dulux 'crystal something or other' my craftroom blue!


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