Thursday, 20 June 2013

Down at the Allotment















Each passing week sees such a transformation in this space. It is literally a live thing growing before our very eyes.

This week, some notes::

:: My husband spends all the time that we're there tending the potatoes. His patch is free from weeds and the potatoes look like they're on steroids. Conclusion? He should do the whole allotment.

:: The little bit of wood chip we've put down is already amazing me. Weeds are easy to remove and the moisture content has been improved. Little by little we're filling it up.

:: Actually, it is the boys who have done all the wood chip hauling. Using the wheelbarrow and spade they fill it up and walk all way back to our plot over and over until they can no longer stand the pain.

:: It takes every single one of us to make this work.

:: Tomatoes hopefully ready to go in next week. We're leaving it late. I'm worried I've left it too late.

:: If you want to grow brassicas you really do need netting. Butterflies are not scared of bird scarers... who knew?

:: What level of hell was clay created in? Dear Lord above. Enough. Please.

:: Playing with the idea of making a strawberry pyramid from old tyres. I don't really want old tyres, because it will make the place look like a dump - more than it does already - so paint might be involved.

:: As with everything we do you can't look at the mountain ahead but must concentrate on each step as it comes if you want to finish this race. Persistence is the key.

:: When spirits are low, blurting out "Rome wasn't built in a day" at intermittent intervals stops people throwing the trowel in. Until pain sets in, then people start mumbling under their breath about how they don't even rate Rome as a particularly good place, and what did the Romans ever do for us, and who the hell wants to live in Rome anyway. Which gets a bit Monty Python. At that point, it's time to go home.

How is your garden growing?


  1. looking good and you have the right atittude...keep it up

  2. THankyou. Bit by bit I'm sure we'll get there

  3. Salam!
    Its looking good. Please keep posting updates - I love seeing how others are doing their allotment. I love alys flowers garden but I have found the weeding too much so am doing some raised beds and some serious mulching. I'm trying different things and seeing what works. wood chip around courgettes, plastic (!) Around strawberries, I'm now thinking of adding newspapers around tomatoes when I put them in - its all a bit of guess work (and serious youtube watching)!

  4. That's looking great! Ours is rather piece-meal - I keep meaning to organise photos, but I still have to do a post about the new chickens (thank you again! x) but I'm under rather a backlog when it comes to blogging!

    I am able to pick plenty of salad, though!

    Like Fouzia I also think Alys Fowlers garden is wonderful - and have joked to OH in the past that he'd better shape up his gardening skills or I may marry her instead ;)

    I've also seen shredded paper used as mulch and it's something I'm considering doing (once I get through the large bin bag and personal papers to shred that built up when our old shredder died before we got one from Freecycle)

  5. Where have you gone, Debbie? Is everything ok? Missing your daily posts during the week. ; )


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