Thursday, 13 June 2013



I've been fussing over the homeschool room again. Someone gifted us a set of drawers, and my sister brought my Grandfather's old Persian rug down, and well, it was time to fuss a little. Sometimes things can get a little stale, right?

One thing I do to freshen up spaces is to leave different things out on view occasionally. Shake it up.

This time, a microscope station with various tools to make their own 'slides' and a sheet to concentrate activity. So far we have a couple insect wings and a dissected flower. Interest comes and goes, but mostly everything looks more interesting down the barrel of a microscope.

And for your own use, here is the very simple Microscope Worksheet I drew up for them both to use. Feel free to use in your own home too (it looks better downloaded into Word than it does on the screen).



  1. you are so right's all about exposing them to different I guess moving things round does the trick..thanks for sharing

  2. Oooooooh! That looks so organised! Very impressed :)

  3. Aye so am I! ;) (it wont last long)


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