Tuesday, 4 June 2013

June Knitting



Today, as I look out of my window and knock on wood, there is sun. And it is warm. Almost hot with a cooling breeze. Last week it was winter - dark inside and out and my brain had flicked a switch into hibernation mode (I swear it knocked my delicate mental balance sideways and an resulting mental breakdown is out of my hands) - I felt the energy slump, wondered if I could make a getaway to warmer climates with no passport and buttons as payment - and contemplated buying a sunlamp. I actually shivered two days in a row and it wasn't long before I began reaching for a craft that usually only sees action in the colder months.

Casting on for another Honey cowl, not quite believing we are reaching the zenith of the year and feeling a little cheated, again, I sulked my way through a few rounds before the clickety-clack of the needles began to work their magic once more and I was feeling relaxed.

Plans are being made for a sweater. I'm resigning myself to a year long winter. That way if we do see the sun, it'll be a bonus.



  1. Hard to believe, at times, that we are approaching mid-summer!

    I've been knitting a cardi for Ted in bamboo and cotton which is nearing the hem (although I'll then still have the sleeves to do), but I need to take a quick break to do some beading on my Mum's shawl before I go down there on Saturday and at some point I need to make the simple knitted, knotted Waldorf doll for Anna for her birthday (possibly could do with a few more hours in the day!)

  2. I usually take a (natural) break from knitting - it's just too warm to enjoy otherwise. Is the bamboo cool to knit with? This yarn is luscious. Too warm to knit with today (thank goodness!)


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