Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Random Kitchen Notes



I don't tend to bring my camera into the kitchen when I'm busy, but perhaps I should try to change that habit.

The boys have mostly taken over the baking. That's OK with me. I hover making sure they're not confusing ounces for grams or murdering each other for a lick of the spoon. They're getting there.


The rhubarb is still going strong. I'm in the mood for light summer snacks and salads - pita bread and hummus and things like that. Pasta is making a come back. I'm getting tired of trying to convince them that rice is edible. Pasta it is.

And it has just occurred to me that it's iced coffee season. Oh yes. Bring it on.

What's in your kitchen these days?


  1. homemade milkshakes here...their faves are bueno, oreo or Ferrero rocher...I'm into grilled chicken....

  2. Nin. Nin is what (and who) is in the kitchen these days. Like your sons, she loves baking :)

    I'm usually in the mood for pitta and hummus, sadly my poor stomach isn't and now the endoscopy is done I need to cut back the gluten again *sigh*

  3. Oh dear, I'm not clued up about gluten free, but it must be a PITA (see what I did there). Hummus is OK though right? Just with um... enchilada?


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