Thursday, 25 July 2013

1970s redux

Hilarious vintage patterns

Wow. That's a whole load of crochet hoochy mama

Nom nom nom... Passing for a front cover when money was pre-decimal

That is actually CARPET on the wall... Beside the plastic sofa

She wants to punch him

I think it is considered verifiable fact that the 1970s were a lost decade in terms of taste. I don't know why or how it all went so fugly; we could try to blame the Beatles and John Travolta; the Bee Gees don't come out of this one well, either to be honest. But fire retardant clothes that caused a static electrical sh*tstorm every time you moved your legs under the plastic duvet covers? Brown, orange and yellows. Together. Really? Wallpaper cats could climb up? Flares - FLARES, who in the name of God thought flares would be a good idea? Carpets on WALLS?? Platform shoes and glam rock and Gary Glitter and Jimmy Saville ... I think I've made my point.

I was reminding the other day in flash-back-tastic SwapShop Crackerjack technocolour of the hideousness of these years when I flicked through a vintage magazine stash I own. Words fail me. Just... well... look at what passes as acceptable photoshoots way back then...

And I had to live in that decade.

Thank God for punk, that's all I can say...


  1. Funny. All my children were born in the 70's so I don't remember much except diapers and swings. Looks like I didn't miss a thing. Thank you.

  2. You had a lucky escape! Even as a kid I knew the clothes were hideous!


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