Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fly the Flag :: Week 2

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I forgot to mention last week in all the excitement that one big way that I am personalising this quilt is that I am scaling it way up to an actual double quilt. Which involved maths. It nearly turned ugly, but the upshot is that I had to cut over 300 teeny tiny triangles and sew them altogether, and turn them the right way round and then iron them flat.

Which means I now hate triangles. In fact, it involved me internalising triangles to such an extent I found myself pondering such great unanswered questions such as: if hexagons are shapes with six sides, then why is a triangle a triangle and not a triagon? Anyone? No, me either. Which lead onto wondering why the plural of mouse is mice, but the plural of house is houses and not hice... I went way off on a tangent until the pain was over.

But if I see. One. More. Triangle....

Next is the sewing. And quilting. And binding. No big deal.

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