Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Flying the Flag

I'm a bit late to this game, but Shannon over at Aunty Cookie is doing a quilt along, and I've hopped on board.

This is a first for me: I don't usually follow quilt patterns, and when I do I've kind of drawn them up myself. I've also never done a group thang before either. Goes back to the lone wolf thing I suppose. But this project spoke to me - it bounced off a few ideas in my head and before I knew it I was dusting my fabric shelves down (literally, um, yuck) and picking out a palette.

Aunty Cookie Flying the Flag Quilt Along

It reminded me of this bunting and thought it would make a nice accompaniment to it ... and there is a birthday coming up... a big one... hmm .. she reads this blog which kinda ruins the surprise (invite me over to yours at Xmas and I'll open all your presents for you too), but, well, no harm no foul.

Aunty Cookie Flying the Flag Quilt Along1

This is the schedule, and I have no idea whether I'll stick to it, because I'm going to be out of town for some of it, and well, life can sometimes knock you off your feet.

Week 1. (Finish by 16 August 2013) Pick it! Fabric selections – in a show us your flags kind of way.

Week 2. (Finish by 23 August 2013) Cutting it! cutting out & making the flags – ideas for personalizing flags, tips on making it fancy.

Week 3. (Finish by 30 August 2013) Sewing it! yes that would be sewing it all together.

Week 4. (Finish by 6 Sept 2013) Quilt it! ideas and inspirations and techniques.

Week 5. (Finish by 13 Sept 2013) Bind it! And lets perve at your finished quilt….

Week 6. (Finish by 20 Sept 2013) QAL Wrap up & the awarding of awesomeness.

It's a bit intensive, I have to say. I work in two modes: do it in one day, or do it in one decade. This will be an interesting, but pretty challenge.

So here are my fabric choices.

Aunty Cookie Flying the Flag Quilt Along

Aunty Cookie Flying the Flag Quilt Along

I wanted a carnival feel to it and to break up the white by having pops of colour of aqua, purple, orange and yellow (trust me. It will work). I'm treating the pattern as the bare bones starting point and hopefully will work some of my own ideas in somehow.

So that's me sorted for the next six weeks then. Because I honestly don't have enough to do.

If you want to join in, pop over to Aunty Cookie's and get on board!

Aunty Cookie Flying the Flag Quilt Along


  1. Anyway good luck on it. Please look at my blog too:D http://strollingthrumylife.blogspot.sg/


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