Wednesday, 23 October 2013


A box full of goodies from a long suffering kick. Ass. Friend

When she said she had some magazines she wanted to give me I had no idea she would be this generous.... Night timing reading for winter sorted :)

Mason jars full of goodness


The fabric haul

The noro haul

I feel a quilt brewing

Shelves a bit (lot) fuller

Last week I received, one after the other, two thumping great big boxes - one full fabric and yarn, and the other full of magazines.

I can never seem to find the right words when I receive gifts through the mail, usually from people whom I have not met in the flesh and yet who I call friends. Giddy? Yes, definitely. Happy? No brainer. But more than that, humbled. Humbled and grateful for people who take the time out of their busy days to make mine shine a bit brighter for no reason at all other than they can.

I have some special people in my life. I am grateful most of all for that.


  1. :) lovley post, and lovley gifts in the post. I still remember getting a parcel of goodies from you, when my littlest was very small, and nights and days blurred into one!! xx

  2. How lovely! 'Internet friends' are certainly amongst the best :D Hopefully I'll be able to get some stuff to you soon (flies got into the kombucha, so I need to get some from a friend again to send!) x


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