Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Simple Cowl

There is one thing you should know about me - I hate having my photograph taken. I hate it so much that I actually refused from the age of 23 to 30 to have a picture with me in it. Because I never like what I see. And that's silly, because now I have children, they NEED pictures of us for their own memories when we're long gone. The irony that I looked my absolute best at the very time I would not let anyone capture it forever has not been lost to me. I do tell my boys, 'I once looked human - like a real lady, not this brain-dead, sap-sucked, withered specimen you have before you', but alas, without proof they think I'm joking (I actually found my old passport last week and showed the midget - he was shocked, IS THAT REALLY YOU!!?! so perhaps all isn't lost).

But photographs? Not me.

So understand these coming images are hard to share, but as I wanted to show you my new cowl in situ and not just plonked on the bed I thought a recent day out with the boys would be a fine time to get them to hone their photographic skills and to get me into photographic existence.




This cowl took one evening to complete. A break was needed from other projects with no pressure and no deadlines and this fit the bill perfectly. It is the Woodland Cowl knit up on 10mm needles flat. Yarn was two skeins of Seriously Chunky Wool, in Barley.

It's a seriously warm cowl, and seriously easy knit. And even though this yarn is acrylic (I know!) I still like it a lot.

Details to follow on Ravelry.



And now mama would like her camera back. Yes, she would. Yes, she wooooould.....




  1. MarshAllah, lovely, I love that you managed to wear hijab without traditional hijab! Beautiful, and Its sooo good to see your face, dont ever feel like you are not worthy of being photographed, I am the same (my face always looks bright pink and then i scrutinise and see a million flaws) but you are right, we need those photos for our boys, xx

  2. I've never liked what I see, but I'm too old to care now ;) I usually do wear hijab properly, but the cowl is so big I managed to use it as a khimr and wear a hat for a change! Yay! More hats in my future now methinks

  3. oh, debbie, you are beautiful. i'm so glad you know your boys need to have you IN the image. that's one thing i've learned from taking nowyouworkshops. and this knit is wonderful!! i LOVE bulky yarn. so satisfying.

  4. I'm trying! How is that workshop? Did you learn much?

  5. lovley to see you :) i love the hat and cowl :) i cant find your email, need to email you to get address (because i cant find that either...) I have magazines that need a new home.


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