Thursday, 21 November 2013

Lessons From a Sickbed

View from a sick bed

Fair isle. Not that hard and v addictive. Uh oh


Research 21st century style

Still waiting

:: When you haven't the energy to lift your head, you still have the power to knit one. more. stitch. Who knew?

:: When you can sit up in bed and want a challenge it turns out Fair Isle knitting isn't that hard, but three times as addictive as ordinary knitting. Alarm bells are already going off in my head.

:: Left to their own devices children will go through at least three waves of dinosaur obsession a day. And then you will stand on them and glad they went extinct. Oh yes.

:: Even when you're on a 1/4 power homeschooling still pootles along just fine.

:: Technology was given to us by God to teach us patience.


  1. I am much older than you and my kids are your age, so I am going to mother you and tell you to drink plenty of fluids, mostly warm, sleep, and stay warm. And soak in a nice hot bath if you can. If I lived next door I would give you chicken soup and take your temperature. I would drive you nuts! Get better soon.

  2. Oh I'd like a neighbour like that ;)


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