Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Shifting Corners





I don't have the luxury of being able to shift furniture around my large sitting room, because, well, I don't HAVE a large sitting room, and pretty much the way the furniture works now is due to necessity rather than aesthetics. And don't you get just a little fed up of seeing people furnish their house with just one. more. chair. for the heck of it? I know I do - because, goodness, how I love to re-arrange a room with the best of them!

Not to be outdone I do the next best thing - I rearrange corners. Yes, I can just about manage a corner or two in this tiny two bedroom mid-terrace. A new picture in a frame, an ornament moved from there to there, perhaps a new cushion or a rearranging of the blankets if I want to go all-out crazy.

I dream of bigger - of having ALL the couches of my dreams in one room, just so (I do love me a good couch and daydream a lot about them). But until then, corners will suffice.

Yes, as we move into the season of being indoors, a few new corners feels just right.

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