Sunday, 9 February 2014

Everyday Beauty :: 14

my so called life everyday beauty


  1. I have been enjoying your "Everyday Beauty" postings. They are all so lovely and interesting. I love this yarn. The color speaks to me. What is it going to be, if it isn't a secret? If it is hand warmers or gloves I would wear them to bed and leave the light on so I could just hold up my hands and look at them.
    The winter has been so cold and grey that just seeing this post today made me smile. Actually all your Everyday Beauty posts have made me feel warmer. Think I will walk around my house and find my own everyday beauty objects that will make me smile. Thanks Debbie.

  2. Ah, thankyou for saying that! Yes, it is a BEAUTIFUL colour, I was very pleased when this yarn popped through the letterbox - sometimes monitors promise so much... it's called Summer Skies Heather by Cascade 220. They are going to mittens and I can't talk about them just yet ;)


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