Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Behind the Scenes : Making Work Fun

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image228

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image227

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image226

If you've already bought the first issue of TEND, then you will recognise this model straight away as the one showing off the knitting pattern. She also happens to be my sister, a good sport, generous with her time and, above all, a complete loon.

Taking snaps for an afternoon can get a little tedious once the novelty has worn off, but you can guarantee that at some point the fun will start, and we'll be giggling and laughing like silly school girls, usually when I look through the eye-piece to start shooting and am met with....



Seriously. Silly shots, catalogue pointing-into-the-middle-distance shots, crossed eyes, knitting needles up noses - anything stupid and we're off cackling and I can hardly keep the camera straight. We do get the shots we want eventually, but not before a lot of side-tracking.

Laughter is the best medicine, and sometimes when it all gets a bit serious and too much like hard work I stop what I am doing and I take a glance at these pictures (and images like them) and join in the laughter. Because, honestly, life is too short not to, and without a giggle, what's the point?

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