Thursday, 6 March 2014

Freebies From TEND

If you haven't made your way over to the website for TEND magazine, then please do. As well as being the platform for selling the magazine, it also hosts the blog for the magazine which we hope will keep you informed and entertained! There are letters from the Editor as well as a News & Events section which we hope to build up.

Tend magazine

Tend magazine

And we also like to give you things! We all love a freebie, let's be honest. And you are a special bunch of people who deserve a little treat or two. For this issue we're giving free content in the shape of::

A Seed Packet (for you to print off and share),
A tutorial for a drawstring bag (ideally to keep your Bird Bingo pieces in!),
A bird embroidery pattern (which you will receive free when you sign up to the newsletter).

Pop on over to this blog post to find out how to grab them.

Also drawing your attention to the review section of the site, where I'm posting some blog reviews and comments that we have received so far. If you've got a blog review up, comment here to let me know, or pop on over to our Facebook page to join and share, and some will make it onto the website! Such positivity and goodwill being shown to our little venture - it's making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Like I keep saying, we made the magazine that WE wanted to buy - a magazine for the family, in all its shapes and guises, for those of us who want to slow down and make more and walk on this earth gently. It encourages my faith in humanity when I see so many people reaching for the same things. THANK YOU!

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