Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Earn money with TEND







I am aware how annoying it is to go to peoples' blogs only to be met with a hard sell. Blogs, unless they are part of a selling website designed to give you insider peeks and company information, should, in my opinion be a lot more personal than that. So apologies for when I (have to) talk about the magazine. What can I say? It's very dear to me, I spend vasts amount of my time and energy on it, it's like a baby that I want to see grow and it makes up a huge chunk of my creative time. If I didn't talk about it, I'd be lying about what I do all day.

That said, I will try to keep my hard sell to a minimum.

But I'm not really selling today - you are! Or at least you could be if you join up to our Affiliate Program. Click to find out how you could help TEND and earn a little extra money for yourself at the same time! We need to get the word out about our magazine, and there are plenty of you who have written to say how much you love it - now we need to let others know too. So, get in touch!

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