Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Times, They Are A-Changin'


Yeah, so. Here we are. A new season, a new venue, same stuff, same me.

The vernal equinox is upon us; we are having a very late fall. The leaves are mostly still firmly on their trees with no sign of budging. One or two have a few yellow leaves; almost none are red, and the berries and fruit are still going strong. But still; you can't fight the laws of physics. From today in our neck of the woods the days are getting shorter and the drawing in of winter looms. An apt time to take stock, recentre, settle into new rhythms and hunker down.

I have a lot of thoughts I'd like to share, but right now isn't the time. But the last couple weeks I've been doing a lot of umming and awwing about our futures. One thing I've decided is to try to spend less time on the internet and more time in the real world living a life worth living. That might translate into a less frequent blog updates from daily to maybe a few times  week, but I would hope that quality is better than quantity.

I would also like to document my thoughts not just on family life and crafting but also things that concern me. I have lost the art of thinking and writing over the years of parenting to glib cliches. But a mind is a terrible thing to waste. So please indulge my unrefined whining by joining me over at The Reader's Digress from time to time.

Another part of my life which has been only slightly refered to in my blogs is our journey to self-sufficiency. I'd like to go deeper into that by talking about my thoughts and goals and references, finding like-mindied people and blathering on about the details of homesteading, expanding on my long held dreams of smallholding. You can join me there too if you like, at The Backyard Hometead.

So that's me for a while. A few tweaks, but still me.

EDIT - blogger isn't letting me import my blog from Mu'Mu, so until I can bring it all under one roof all archives will have to be accessed via the old blog Mu'Mu Design.


  1. Hi there! Changing blogs is good, isn't it? ;-)
    So much easier then moving in real life.
    I do have some problems commenting on blogspot blogs though, but I'll try (um, let's pretend I comment more then once a year).

  2. I know. I really do try to stay in one place, but honestly life conspires against me! Really trying to stop moving. .... :P


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