Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Everything Looks Better By Candlelight







We are still (still!) in the process of building some extra space for our little family home - it's an ongoing (never ending!?) work which is preoccupying most of us most of the day (for all of the year!).

It's hard. It's been going on for so long now, and so many hopes are pinned onto it that it's really hard not to feel a bit desperate and frustrated sometimes. In so many ways we can't move forward til it's done.

I try, though, to concentrate on the positives, and to keep a sense of proportion (easier said than done), and to make our lives as beautiful as they can be within the contraints of circumstance. And it sometimes takes something as simple as a small candle to restore the balance between insanity and calm.


  1. I relate to this totally, since relocating between countries created limbo that felt like purgatory! I only had a partner to look after, let alone children... So hang in there, your candles and leaves look gorgeous... far better than our red wine and cigarettes remedy haha!

  2. Actually it's probably a good thing that we can't drink - motherhood and building work is enough to push one into a Jack Daniel's caused stupour ;-)

  3. Hello, just found your site through SouleMama. Your photographs are beautiful and I enjoy your way of looking at the world (both visual and verbal) - looking forward to seeing more. I am a crafting mama and a painter starting to look into ways to put my work out there more, so I will be looking to your site for inspiration!

  4. Hello Annie, welcome. Thankyou for such kind words. So very often blogging can be such a lonely exercise; it's nice to know people are reading - and liking!


  5. I love the third one.
    This week I have to do many craft. Let me tell you, my girl is turning 3 next friday. Yesterday I posted a free printable, 3 costumes to a paper doll called Lulu, that I did for her.

  6. Oh wow, happy birthday to the little lady for next friday. And great print out!

  7. love the photos :) Oh building work and little ones - I remember it so well!! hang in there it will be worth it :)


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