Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Put A Record On...


We've had this old (thrifted, naturally) record player in our family now for the best part of a year. Currently it sits on top of a book shelf in lieu of a real place to fit in (in the new room perhaps? oh yes please! That is, if I don't find the vintage record cabinet I'm keeping my eyes peeled for in the meantime).

When I was young I grew up with a vintage record player of my own until I was the grand old age of 12 when my parents bought me a new one - in stereo (and really I prefered the old mono player). It was large, but one thing I loved about it was the time it took between pulling the lever and watching the message-to-brain time-lapse before the arm decided it would indeed play your record, and the thrill when it touched down and those precious seconds of crackle before the music flooded out.


To be honest, we don't listen to music. There are reasons for that, but suffice to say that I consider classical music an exception, and apparently Acker Bilk seems OK too. Very mellow and reminds me of my Nana (Acker Bilk was my Granddad's favourite, apparently). And once in a while we crack open the record player and have an afternoon of old-fashioned fun.

I think my children love watching the mechanism too. The smile of satisfaction when they see the needle hit it's target is poetry.

So, in the tradition of Acker Bilk - any recommendations for our record collection?

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  1. What a lovely record player. I wasn't able to find a second hand record player anywhere so recently bought Mr Thrifty a brand new one with MP3 attachment for his birthday.
    We now have a great weekend hobby; searching out records in charity shops.
    May I recommend the Abba's greatest hits? No? Should I run away now?

  2. I love Abba, and we do have a couple of 7" singles (isn't that a great sentence? I love vinyl), but everytime we tried to play it the record player stopped! lol. We are only permitted to play things the record player approves of...

  3. Haha! Your record player has limits dontcha know?

  4. It's very choosy... and sometimes when it's had enough it takes a little rest... we love it anyway with quirks and all


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