Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas-Time Cheer


My parents made it through the snow to spend christmas with my sister, and dropped my wheel off for me as they dropped by! How excited am I? Yeah! Except it's missing it's brake band and I'll need about a year to figure out how to spin yarn, but no excuses now!

Continuing to hunker down for a while - hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday!

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  1. Oh, that is wonderful. Where will you get the raw wool? My friend has sheeps and she throw it after shearing away or gig it in the ground, how pity!
    Maybe you like this site, it' about handspinning on the farm in France:

  2. I haven't thought about where to get raw wool from yet, still need to learn to spin! I can't believe she THROWS wool away!! No!! I hope I can get lucky and find someone who wants to give me raw wool for nothing!

    thanks for the link - will go and check it out



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