Friday, 24 December 2010

Simple Pleasures :: Hunkering Down





Hunkering down with winter crafts - beautifully smelling pommanders which even now are scenting the house. Icicle pictures - with glitter and sparkle. Some snuggling in the early evening with rice pudding and jam.

Simple pleasures indeed.

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  1. well alright, as long as you promise to share the rice pudding...

  2. I guess I'm too late, it seems the pudding is already gone ;-)
    I did the oranges, too and the smell is amazing, ahhhh!
    Do you have in Islam in december a day of 'celebration' too? My turkish friend had some weeks ago a day we call it 'sugar fest' but I dont know the English translation, sorry,argh! She made the best sweets ever!

  3. No English Muslims dont have anything for December - I suppose traditional Muslim countries have their own traditions before Islam which have been kept and made a part of their Islamic culture, but as a minority fitting in to non-islamic culture we have yet to weave our history with our faith. But no, we don't celebrate anything, but as a family we 'acknowledge' the winter solstice, as more a matter for education rather than celebration!



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