Monday, 13 December 2010

Off The Sticks


I feel like I am constantly knitting. There is always several projects on the go here. Generally I don't blog about the basic knits - like hats and gators and mittens that are stock knitting fodder this time of year - there are more of those that you could shake a stick at. I'm constantly knitting hats for the husband-squatter, and gators for the midgets.

Last week though these two none-hat-nor-gator knits were finished - the vest in cotton which has been sitting 3/4 done since um, May sometime? for the midget. And this new sweater all for ME which was started and finished in a matter of days.

It is the Shalom Sweater - I've just added arms.


Using the much celebrated (and officially my new go-to yarn) Cascade 220, this shade, 'Silver Spruce Heather', is more green than I would have liked, but still a nice, nice yarn. I have visions of maybe another Shalom in the wardrobe soon - maybe with a tweaking in the arm department, maybe with fewer buttons, possible in a mustard colourway? Or teal? Mmm.

So two down and several more to go :: a vest for the man, some leg warmers, a cardigan (or two) for the babes and a fun knit involving scraps. And I'm sure I'll add to the pile as the days roll by...


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  1. the jacket is so pretty ,love the color

  2. This is lovely. Do you mind telling us (me) how you've added the sleeves (I'm okay with knitting but I can only follow patterns. I'm absolutely useless at modifying anything, my work always ended not quite right...)

  3. gorgeous! I made one recently but it wouldn't fit me. It fit my friend. Did you have do to any adjustment to make it fit?

  4. I used 7mm needles and used cascade 220 yarn which gave the right guage. If you use another size needle or yarn then it might not end up the size it should.

    Arms - just picked up the stitches around the arm hole with DPNs and knit, decreasing one stitch every 6 rows or so til the sleeve was desired length then garter stitch for the end of the sleeve hem.

    If I did it again I would probably drop down a needle size for the sleeves, or decrease the stitches rapidly at the top of the arm to get the right width, as the sleeves are a bit wide. But just a minor quibble, as the sweater is really nice to wear! :)

  5. Beautiful, masha-Allah!

  6. jazakillah m'dear. the sweater is ok but the vest was a bit funky, don't know why. but midget loves it and wears it over his dressing gown.

  7. Hello, I've found you thru surfing blogs by blogs...I guess I feel really dizzy now ;-) hehehe ... ... ...

    The cardigan looks pretty good. I wish I could knit! Also the sweater is pretty cute, I have tried to crochet one, after my husband was begging me, but it was too small or I always make fun to my husband and say he was too big for it ;-)

    Have a good night!

  8. Well I have a sweater for my husband still being knit and I really don't think it's going to fit him either ... I'll blame him for being too big ;-)

  9. MashallAh, you're definately the chick, :)sorry, I mean the sister to visit if one wants to get inspired to knit. Still have to check out the book from one of your previous posts. Things happen in slow motion when you have a quiverful but will get to it inshAllah.


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