Monday, 14 February 2011

Book Review :: Ultimate Baby Knits


A while ago I posted a review about Debbie Bliss' "The Knitter's Year" in which I commented that it had been the first book by Bliss that I had ever seen that wasn't baby knits. Well, she is back on familiar ground with a new collection of patterns just for the little people in our life.



Published by Quadrille this book is a hefty, thumping book jammed with 50 projects of all description for babies all the way up to two years old.

It has everything you ever feel like knitting for a new baby - baby blankets, bootees, cardigans, sweaters, toys, wrap, slippers, and a favourite project of mine - the little "bag" similar to the gro-bag (but with arms and hood) to keep that lickle newborn all snuggly wuggily to the tips of it's ickle toes. Can you tell I've gotten a little broody reading through this book? Er, yeah.





The patterns are solid classics which will never go out of style, smart yet easily contemporary with enduring appeal.






For anyone who feels the urge to knit a gift for a babe-to-be then this book has enough choice and then some for a range of gifts. This book should suffice for any baby knit you would ever wish to make.

This book would be perfect for any clucky mama or granny.

It is important to note, though, that these patterns have been printed before :: this is a compendium of projects from Bliss' three previous books, so if you already have those then this book is superfluous.

It should also be noted that all yarns required are for Bliss' own (harldy a hardship since they are all simply sumptuous) and are knit up on 3.25mm needles - which might be too small for some impatient knitters out there. To counter the 3.25mm hell it should be reminded that items are ridiculously small so would knit up quickly even on small needles, and the small needle does give incredibly neat work. If you are intent on making quality items for a babe then these two minor quibbles really aren't an issue anyway.

The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss is available for Pre-Order on Amazon RRP £16.99, Amazon price £11.89




  1. enough to make me want to pick up some needles again. if you are itching to make something for a baby, i have a very cute one who is in desperate need of some socks;) thanks for the review!

  2. I do love knitting baby things - they knit up so quickly and are so cute. And who could resist knitting baby sock?!



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