Thursday, 17 February 2011

A Little More Granny



Somewhere in my sitting room lies a relic of a good idea, when my inner granny colluded with my inner thrift queen who then made a pact with the Re-Use not Landfill conscience and they conspired to give an old coffee table one last chance.


It involved wallpaper. And glue. Mod Podge may have been a contributing factor. And it involved patience. Patience for drying time and patience for Mama's weird and wonderful trial and error masterpieces.


Or not. As the case may be.

I'm not sure I'm convinced. It may need a different paper. Or it may need a bit more time to settle in.

Inner Granny is happy. Outer Debbie is still cogitating.


*** *** ***


  1. Okay I have a few things to say
    1) cogitating is an awesome word! I am going to try to use it today.
    2) coffee table = awesome. I think it looks great, crafty mama!
    3) this post made me laugh out loud - glad I'm not the only one with an inner granny talkin' to me :)
    4) I love the new look of your blog!

  2. Kristy's outer granny says '"It looks great!" but Kristy's inner granny is saying " tell her it looks terrible and offer to take it to 'landfill' for her" ;)

  3. Love the new blog look by the way. You are clever.

  4. *Fans self* oh ladies you know how to bloat a girl's ego... thankyou kindly for blog and table love - I am getting rolled eyes from the males in my house. Glad to have a granny community who 'gets' it.

  5. Love the table, i think the brown paper looks the best on it. Ive been planning to do something like this at my house for ages! When i was a teen i decoupaged almost every bit of furniture i had!
    Aqeela xx

  6. Hm. Mod podge does wonders to lift the spirits of a forgotten table...


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