Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Allotment Couture









It's hot. I mean *really* hot. Crazy, summer hot. Crazy, summer, no bedsheets needed, window open all night hot. Masha'allah.

It's making working the allotment a bit harder (um, and sweatier...). See those stones around the garlic shoots? Yeah, well we're all agreed down at our site that it must have been a river bed way back when because you can't move for them. And also? oh we have clay soil - which is too hard to work when wet and impossible to dig when sun baked.

But never mind. We persevere in stages.

To help the work along Mama concluded that working in hijab only was giving her brain damage in this sun and a hat was needed.



This Amy Butler pattern has been waiting for over a year to be made, but one afternoon last weekend this simple sun hat was whipped up to provide much needed (and very appreciated!) shade as I worked our little bit of land.



I don't really care that it is imperfectly sewn, and that I was too lazy to iron the seams along the way, the simple fact is that the hat works and makes my life a whole lot easier.

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  1. Sawheet hat. You are a cutie! I love how you hand make things, even down to your hat. You are an industrious young lady! Envious of your sunny days. We still are getting spring snows here in the mountains! ; )

  2. thankyou kindly :) yes we are having an unusual spring for sure - I don't ever remember it being this hot this soon. Hasnt rained for weeeeeeeks

  3. Nice hat. Perfect for this weather.

    We have clay in our garden too and it is like concrete out there.

  4. thankyou! yes you need a pickaxe, not a spade...

  5. Here in Finland it´s still early for serious gardening. We go to the summerplace next weekend...

    I had newer heard of Amy Butler patterns, so I googled a bit and WOW! Most inspiring! Thank you! ...:)

  6. Usually here in England this time of year is cool and rainy - but I am not complaining about the sun one little bit!

    Glad to have introduced you to Amy! Enjoy!

  7. It has cooled off a little here since yesterday, it is a bit more like normal April weather. Love the peek at your allotment, just posted about my mums allotment and the lady-like scarecrow I made for it. Love the hat, could do with one of those myself when I am working on my teeny tiny veggie patch in my back garden.

  8. get yersell an allotment woman!

  9. Know what you mean re clay soil, loads of stones. Gorgeous weather here too,but wanting it to rain so I have a good excuse not go and do weeding (and watering)- I'm a lazy gardener aren't I!

  10. a crazy one - rain = weeds + more work! the watering is getting a little old now though :/

  11. Beautiful garden and hat! It looks perfect. Apparently, this year the weather man here said the conditions look normal for the season. We had snow not long ago and now we're having strong winds and thunderstorms. I don't mind, though. I'm trying to love the weather the way it comes considering that I enjoy below zero temperatures for about six months out of the year.
    As for gardening, this year I'm sticking to taking care of my Japanese maple. I would love to have a garden like yours one day and the time to take care of it.

  12. This isn't my garden - it's my allotment - a little bit of land I rent from the city to grow food.

  13. My bad... Still it's beautiful :)

  14. oh indeed. a lot of work though!


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