Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Homemade Through and Through :: The Recipes

Well make me sing for my supper why dontcha. Here, as a follow up to the post below are the 'recipes'. I thought I'd make a separate post so I can link to it in the tutorial pages.

Scones ::
I currently am not in awe of the recipe I currently use and am looking for a version that I approve of. Once I find one I will share insha'allah.

Jam :: you can find in this post here.

Butter :: If you use milk you really need a supply from a dairy that doesn't homogenize the milk - you can skim the cream from the full fat milk for a week until you have enough cream to whip. Generally, the longer the cream has sat (no longer than a week) the better it will whip. Alternatively, (and what we do) is to buy double cream (not single cream) and use that.

One quart of heavy cream will make about one pound of butter and 1/2 quart buttermilk.

Method 1 ::
Pour cream into a chilled mixing bowl, turn mixer from slow to high speed and wait for the cream to go through stages of whipped, stiff whipped and finally, butter and buttermilk.

Method 2 :: In a jar pour 1 pint of chilled cream and add a clean, glass marble. Shake the jar until the cream first thickens then changes to butter.

Put the butter into a clean bowl and save the leftover buttermilk for baking (scones or pancakes etc).

Knead the soft butter with a wet wooden spoon (or butter paddles) or rubber scraper to force out any remaining milk (if you don't do this the butter will sour). Refill the bowl with ice water and continue to knead, repeating the process til all the water runs clear.

Place in a vintage pyrex butter dish and place in the fridge until hungry!

There. Didn't I TELL you it was easy??!

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