Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Real Sea Urchin Beret Knitting Pattern



Continuing the seaside theme today is a pattern I've been working on for a couple of weeks now - a Sea Urchin Beret.

I don't know what the attraction is for these weird and wonderful creatures, but they do seem to creep up in craftland quite a lot. For me, I actually have a soft spot for the symmetry and other-wordliness of these amazing creatures. Some of the most amazing patterns and forms can be found nowhere outside a person's imagination except in the sea.



Inspired then by these intriguing of all pattern-makers, and chivvied along by my son's interest in everything animal, pushed to the edge with this jaw-dropping book, Art Forms in Nature, and my inexhaustable need to knit I developed this pattern so that we land critters can capture and enjoy some of these wonderful designs too.



I love this pattern, even if I do say so myself - the bamboo yarn hangs nicely, giving a soft sheen, and the bobbles and lace effect give an interesting and unique look to the whole beret.

The pattern can be found for sale over on etsy, or at my bigcartel store (The bigcartel store will be cheaper reflecting on the lack of insertion fee), or keep reading for another knitting pattern - free!

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A Farmer's Spring Sweater ::

Before this amazing (and much appreciated masha'allah) heatwave we're having in our neck of the woods descended, I knit myself a simple (keyword) sweater for the spring months - months in which I spend a vast amount of time preparing our allotment for the growing season.

The sweater had to have two basic requirements :: it had to have short sleeves to save me rolling any up, and it had to be simple and warm.


I came up with this, and it does what it says on the tin :: simple, straightforward, easy to adapt, and warm.


In many ways this is the perfect Farmer's Sweater - keeping the allotmenteer cosy whilst sleeves are well and truly rolled up ready for work. And the best part about it is this pattern is FREE!

The Pattern can be found HERE, and I will be also putting a link up on the Tutorials page. Feel free to link and share, with usual restrictions of full credit to moi, and no selling (be nice!).

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So there you have it. Two new patterns for you today. Go and enjoy! I'll be putting both sets of details on Ravelry soon insha'allah.


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  1. Gorgeous, is the beret for bungling beginners like me, or intermediate level? ;-))

  2. I dont know really. so long as you knew how to do the stitches it would be doable I think. Not complete beginner, no.

  3. BEautiful handiworks. I know one knitting stitch, but put it to use with scarves and table toppers. I admire your talent. ; )

  4. The beret is gorgeous and I love the sweater. I think its very generous of you you keep putting up these freebies :)

  5. I know! I'm so nice! Buy my pattern to make up for it :P


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