Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dear Dad :: Happy Father's Day



Dear Dad,

This time last year you were still alive, and we were all unaware it was the last few months of your life. If you had cancer no one knew. Back then you were just an ordinary grumpy old man doing what grumpy old men did.

Like most years I didn't make much effort with Father's Day, joking that 'every day was father's day!' and promising to bake you a cake next time I saw you. Which I didn't.

There always seems enough time to say 'I love you'. There always will be tomorrow to leave the important stuff left unsaid today. I never baked that cake. I never gave you a gift just to say 'I love you'. I never went the extra mile just because. And now I can't. I learned that lesson too late.

Don't make my mistake, people. Live your life, say everything that needs to be said today. Make the effort.

Love you, Dad.
Happy Father's day. I owe you cake


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