Monday, 20 June 2011

The Ripple Effect


I'm not much of a fan of the art of crochet, really. I'm definitely happier with two sticks rather than one. But you would hardly think it to look at my crafting recently, with a slew of granny squares cascading off the hook at a rate of knots.

I do however like the effect of crochet when other people do it - I'm just not so sure mine is very neat.

One thing I do like about crochet is the way it grounds me firmly in my childhood and memories of my nana (who was a queen of all forms of crafting - you name it, she could do it) who crocheted a number of things I still possess in our home. Nothing says 'granny' like a crocheted blanket does it? And nothing says 'granny chic' like a ripple blanket.

And that's another thing that makes me think 'home comforts' - blankets. I have a stack of them - woollen ones, quilted ones, handknit ones, crochet ones. And still I find room for more - home comfort is snuggling and lolling around with a blanket.

So as well as the blankets already made, I'm in the process of making yet another for the sitting room in granny squares, and a buzzing in my head about yet another hand knit log cabin one too. Gah. I know - Scott of the Antartic needed a mama like me. I didn't really want to commit to another blanket just yet, but did so want to have a go at a ripple blanket - what to do?



Well I came up with this :: a ripple cowl, long enough to twist twice into a snug cowl, or long enough to hang as a snood (just like the Honey Honey knit up a while back which has been draped around my neck constantly these last few nippy weeks (er,hello June)).

Using Lucy's very clear and precise instructions I was up and running with this pattern in no time (seems complicated to start with but one row and it's plain sailing) and this snood was finished in an evening. Which is another thing to endear me to crochet - it is so very quick.

If you would like to whip up a cowl like this yourself then hop on over to Attic 24 for the pattern and start with a chain of 213 like I did for the same length. And then hop back on over here to tell me about it!

Happy hooking.

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  1. Lovely.
    I have used Lucy's tutorials to teach myself crochet but I haven't finished anything yet and your chain of 213 sounds a bit scary.


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