Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Hello people!

Today I would like introduce a new group I've created to add a bit of dimension to the blog, and to create more of a community and dialogue.

To link into the ethos of sharing and homesteading that I'm passionate about, I've had a Tutorial page up for a long while. Well now I have created a Flickr group to tie into the blog and tutorials so that you can show off your results from the tutorials! I would love to see everyone's creations. I know by ravelry that some patterns have been well received (thankyou!) but everything is all over the place - here is one home for all piccies and discussions/ queries/ questions etc etc. PLEASE join, I really would like a homely chitchat sharing caring over-the-fence kinda neighbourly vibe.

Also if you haven't found it yet (erm, and maybe that's because I lost it...) there's our Facebook page too.

If you are so inclined you can also link together on twitter by using the hash tag #life&lies


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  1. So I joined your flickr group to give you support, but I am not much of a baker, crafter these days. I will just enjoy seeing other's submissions. If I DO attempt either of those activities, I'll submit. Not too likely for awhile! My homesteading days are in the past. ; ) I'll just enjoy seeing your amazing abilities.


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