Tuesday, 12 July 2011

From Scraps to Riches :: a Patchwork Table Runner


It's funny, isn't it, the things that mean the most to people? I can never seem to throw a scrap of fabric with a good pattern away, however small, and I've built up a tidy little pile of pieces, and I do love just pawing through them and seeing all the colours and patterns together.



Last week, after washing our table runner for the umpteenth time and wishing I could find another I liked in my thrifty treasure hunting, I had an epiphany, and then reached for the scrap bin and began to stitch things together any old how with the intention of making another runner for our table.


It seemed that log cabin worked best and it really wasn't long before four big blocks sat waiting for a border to bring it altogether.



It was a couple of evening's worth of work which satisfied my need to make 'something', whilst resulting in something totally necessary for our home.



And I love it that I am able to make these things for my family, that with each stitch there is a tangible message of love and care. Often it is the subtle messages in our lives that speak the loudest, isn't it? The time that someone takes our of their lives to do something for us, well, that speaks volumes and builds up our subconscious feelings of self worth.

And yeah, it's only a table runner. But like all things handmade, it's also so much more than that.

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  1. I love that runner! I have the same thing with scraps. Can't throw them away and I always have big plans for making scrap quilts or something like that. Maybe I should start with a table runner. That's a bit more manageable. ;-)

  2. Build one block at a time and eventually you WILL have enough for a quilt, right?

  3. awesome!! :)

    I have a a bag of scraps too.

  4. And what are you going to make with yours?

  5. I love this. Great colour scheme. xo m.

  6. So true about each stitch conveying love and care. I still have special dolls and blankets made by my Grandmas, that say more to me than even the cards and letters that they wrote. Your table runner is beautiful and the love shines through. So beautiful.

  7. Thankyou Cheryl. I hope that, if nothing else, despite my worse days, my family see the testament to my love for them in the small things...


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