Thursday, 25 August 2011

Forest foraging







Returning to our favourite forest for genteel hikes and free play days I make the most of the glut of free food by remembering to always take my basket these days.

And yes, that means more jam. Although other desserts are quickly, and gladly, being consumed too. There is no sweeter food than that which you've picked yourself....

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  1. How very true!! Today I will be making salsa from the abundance of fresh tomatoes in our garden...and the HOT peppers:) Lovely forest photos!

  2. Our tomatoes are taking so long to ripen, and hot peppers - I can only dream of the day I get a greenhouse big enough to grow our own!! :)

  3. did you make the fairy house? my son must never see that,because i'm sure i could never help him do that! masha'allah. there is nothing better than canned homemade jam - it has to be in jannah iA! here in california we are all green tomatoes and sputtering peppers...i'm hoping hte indian summer takes care of that! p.s. where did you get your shoes?!

  4. airy house? lord no. It's more of a bivouac, there are half built ones all over the forest, and each time people take a walk they add to them and build them up slowly. This is a finished one near a improvished campfire circle the boys love to play in :)

    Shoe love - thank you! they're looking a bit worse for wear these days. They are from Red or Dead.


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