Friday, 26 August 2011

Random Corners, Random Thoughts










:: How is it possible that my granola quantity keeps doubling, but the time it takes to eat it all keeps halving?

:: Is it possible to make a batch of cheesy nibbles last more than half an hour? ('No', is the answer to that one. You thought Pringles were bad? Try these, although I fear sharing the recipe would constitute a threat to public health. Snack Crack, pure and simple.)

:: Will I ever, ever have more than ONE workspace to work from? I dream of having space bigger than a postage stamp from which work, chop, balance items and store all my tins and kitchen items. These are big, heady dreams, people.

:: Will my children ever understand how to pick their things off the floor without being screamed at?

:: Despite all my grumblings would I rather be anywhere else? .... Nah... Being with these muppets really is what makes my life worth living.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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  1. Love looking into your life. Such a cozy, earthy place. Gotta get me some of those green maryjanes, too. Gotta get some of that cheese biscuit crack too. ; )
    xo d

  2. The previous owners of our house made the kitchen units themselves. I have about two feet of useable worktop for all my prep etc. You just get used to it, don't you?
    At least you can use your sink properly... they fitted vintage (for that read: knackered) taps over a Belfast sink here, they're so low we smash half our pots on them. You can't even fill the kettle, and they can't be replaced without taking out all the units. Great job, there! But they look nice and upcycled, which is all important!
    Still loving your wallpaper...

  3. hi i was just wondering if it's possible to use ordinary jam jars if you put wax circles in them? it may seem like a stupid question but i don't have a clue about making jam.

  4. Thankyou sweet Deb, I love me some mary jane's too. Have my eye on a yellow pair - but with heels? Ack... am I too much of a hiking mama to get away with that now?

    Our taps are quite low too. It sends me wild when I have to EMPTY the sink to wash the dishes. And no, you never, ever get sed to having a teeny work space. It's a depressing, off-putting thought trying to make dinner whilst balancing all the prep around the sink...

    You have to be careful with pre-used jam jars. You're supposed to only use double walled jars if you intend to reuse. But. I do resuse them and haven't had a problem - wash in hot water and check for ANY cracks, but if they seem sound then I do just add the wax circles and away I go... that's just what *I* do, I'm not expert...

  5. I want the cheesy nibble recipe now you have hesitated to share it:) I'll risk it ;-)

  6. OK you crazy lady. But be warned. I will not be held responsible...


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