Friday, 19 August 2011

{this moment}


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  1. Growing up!
    Nice image, almost doesn't look like a mirror. More like two boys copying each other. Love your spuds by the way, must plant some myself next year, but thinking about bulbs at the moment. Although I don't know why I bother, the squirrels always eat everything except bog standard daffodils...

  2. Yes he's a big boy now *sniff*. I'm surprised he can see himself through that mirror with the amount of finger prints all over it...

    We're assessing our bulb stock and wondering if I should buy something new. Tulips and daffs are fine but would be nice for something else.

    Have you tried putting nuts out for the squiggles (their correct terminology according to my lot) - with easy stocks of food they might leave the bulbs alone?

  3. Yes, nuts, bird food, sultanas... they are bottomless pits. Still, gives me something to do each autumn. One day I'll have a surprise and there'll be something else they don't like to eat! It's only new ones they pinch, not the established things...

  4. does he have a loose tooth? growing up indeed!
    by the way, i love how your Ramadan calender turned out!
    have a lovely weekend!

  5. Yes, his first wobbly tooth *sniff*.

    thankyou for calender love. Boys love it too - they can see Eid getting nearer! :)

  6. Oh big boy tooth coming in. haha. I wonder how long it's going to take. Are you going to play tooth fairy?


  7. No, we've created our own family tradition which maybe I'll blog about onced it's wobbled it's way out... :)


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