Thursday, 22 September 2011

Book Review :: Erika Knight - Keep Calm and Cast On


"Keep Calm and Cast On is a delightful pocket book full of quotes, quips and wit plus expert troubleshooting tips and techniques to keep the contemporary knitter calm in the face of a dropped stitch."

You know when you are around people who are experts in their fields, mostly grannies who are supreme matriarchs when it comes to passing on tried and tested housekeeping tips? Well these people are worth more than gold. Tips and tricks from people who know add a depth that some books just can't. This book is meant to be your granny in your handbag for just such emergencies.

Full of quiet wisdom, it is a small book with a quotation on each page. It doesn't take long to read through them all. And when you are done it is like you feel a little bit more able than you did before.

Keep Calm Cast On: Good Advice for Knitters
Erika Knight
RRP £4.99 Amazon £3.74

On sale 7 Nov 2011

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  1. I love the title! *surfing towards Amazon* ;)


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