Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Seasonal Living :: Digging out the Woollens


Digging around in the cupboards for scarves, cowls, gators, hats - is it really time to wash them again and put them out for daily use?

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  1. Say it isn't so!!!! But..Fall is beautiful!!!

  2. It's seriously cold here now...

  3. Gators, Deb, gators? Enlighten me - I think it's a polo-necked jumper without the jumper, is that right?

    Gotta make one of those for 'im indoors, stop those wretched draughts between collar and scarf. Have you got a pattern you like you can point me at? I'll add it to the list of knitting and crochet to do - a woman's handicrafts are NEVER done!

  4. Yep there's one on my tutorial page - impsy pimpsy!

  5. Fantastic, thank you ma'am, and duly added to the kitchen white-board. I think I have some nice crushed raspberry yarn hanging about...not sure what his nibs will make of it, though :]

    I can see something missing from your selection of winter keep-warm knits...wrist warmers. I'm not necessarily saying I'd make some even if you put a pattern up for them (himself would tell me to just bite the bullet and put the heating on) but you might like some for yourself, you know :)

  6. I currently use someone elses' pattern for fingerless mittens and use those as arm warmers, although I did write up an easy peasy version which I never got around to sharing! Thanks for the book up me bum Jo... will add it after I've done everything else.... eep!


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