Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Seasonal Living :: Wool for the beds



Yep, it's the obligatory yearly woollen blanket shot. Each year I take these out of storage and each year I say the same thing :: 'Didn't I JUST put these away?!', and each year I think, 'Wow that looks a pretty pile, where's the camera', and so each year you get this shot in some form or another. It's like a milestone in the blogging year.

Oh Lord, today is cold - not as cold as I know it will get, but still colder than we have known for a long while. And at night my husband and I, once trying to escape each other's heat in summer at teetering diametric edges of the bed, are now snuggling in and saying how soon it will be time to turn the heating on (a secret message meaning, 'time to start burning ten pound notes and flushing them down the sewer'), as we shiver if we leave the sheets for any length of time.

(I'm all for crisp Autumn days rather than the summer-straight-to-winter thing going on here if anyone Out There is wondering).

It's a times like these that my craze for making and storing blankets seems suddenly half sane. And that (mad lady) quilt finished just in time for storage? Well it's certainly coming in very useful...

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Thankyou for your kind comments and emails about the new ezine. I'm so happy to know that other's are just as interested as I am in these things! The 'followers' button on the site isn't working, will try to rectify that, but I'll probably mention here if I make any updates to Seasonal Living & Learning in the meantime.

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  1. I do love a blanket picture! Had a rather fabulous find of a 1940's woollen utility blanket recently. Not in the best of condition, so some pretty patches is in order!
    I have just revisited your quilt post and you have inspired me to finish one of the 5 unfinished quilts in that way to see if it gives me the enthusiasm to finish the rest!

  2. Is it possible you live in a colder place than I do, me in the Idaho the tallest mountains in Idaho? Our seasons are short...but I think you might beat us! Love ly picture of the wooly blankets...very snuggly. ; )
    xo d
    BTW, I have been meaning to mention that I am surprised that youngsters are still being named Debbie (you are the youngster). 1958 was a huge year for Debbies (the year I was born) and there were maybe 5-6 in every class. (the Debbie Reynolds era) me being the one of many.

  3. Five?? Come one, woman! You CAN do it!

    The weather here usually cools down nicely in September and it doesnt get cold enough to shiver until October - but these last couple days have made me conscious of the need to add layers...

    I'm not young, Deb - but thanks for the compliment. My mother said when she was little she heard the name 'Deborah' and thought it sounded wonderful and decided if she ever had a daughter that's what she would call her. So she did. I was one of about three in our whole school year...

  4. It's chilly here too! I was cold all day yesterday and had to finally dig around for socks. I'm just waiting for the night when it's warm enough for the down comforter.

  5. Salam Qalballah
    You've been awarded the "inspirational blog award" thank you for inspiring me with your posts.

  6. salam, shukran for the award! I'm truly honoured :)

  7. Ok ok, I will set myself a bloggy challenge to get them done!

  8. I really think you should! I have one hand pieced quilt that I have been doing fo' EV-UH. Shall we set a date and try to complete a quilt each??


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