Monday, 12 December 2011

There's No Place Like it....

Being greatly inspired by Ms. D. Angel and having turned my little work space into a most productive niche the past few days, I took the time to make a little something for our home that has been rolling around my noggin sporadically for a good few months.

Using a lovely vintage tray linen as my frame I happily spent a good while in front of Inspector Morse and DI Jack Frost first picking out lovely vintage fabrics, then ironing the bondaweb interfacing and finally sewing and hand stitching the words "Lord, Bless this HOME, sweet HOME". Which Granny never had a 'bless this home' thing going on somewhere in her hallway? A philistine Granny, that's who. Honouring the granny and giving it a modern twist, this linen fabric whatnot garland has a sentiment that means a lot to me. Having a peaceful and God-conscious home, and having HOME at the centre of everything.





Moving on.

Still giddy with the success of my bondaweb prowess on the table linen, I spied, at the very, very bottom of my fabric shelves a sad little piece of forlorn fabric that once shone as a beautiful woollen shawl that kept me warm when I were a lass at Cambridge. Many a winter morn spent scurrying over Parker's Piece past Reality Checkpoint was made bearable by swaddling myself in this woollen shawl - wrapping me up and keeping the bitterest winds at bay.

Sadly, we had a little accident with the washing machine, and for years her crumpled, discarded body lay retired and forgotten, waiting for an idea to grab me so that I could repurpose her into a new career of usefulness.

And this weekend it so happened that an idea of unbearable brilliance, probably instigated by hours in front of Pinterest, hit me. Cutting up vintage (of course) scraps of fabric I made my own bias, cut the shawl into a rectangle and sewed the bias on. Ta da! Instant blanket. Yes. Another one.

But it was missing something.... it needed a little va-va-voom. And that is where the idea of HOME made its second appearance - a few more minutes with bondaweb and some lovely modern fabric, a little bit of stitchery what-have-you and I present you with a useful throw to keep the babes warm...









Heart warming chintzy schmultz. No place like it...

*** *** ***


  1. Both are awesome and i do think my two favorite things you've made. I'm going to let them swirl in my mind until my craft space is usable and make an inspired something. Thank you!

  2. Ah, jzks dear. :) thankyou for your kind words xx


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