Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Easing Back in...








Well that blog break wasn't as relaxing and as fruitful as I'd imagined it would be - mainly because we spent the majority of it really sick! We are still convalescing, actually. Actually, we're still ill! Just when I think we've kicked it the kids throw up again... three weeks and going strong...Ugh, but I don't want to dwell on it. I am grateful that we have the time as a family to listen to our own body's demands and have the space to slow down as much as we need. Not many people have that luxury anymore, so even though being ill and doing nothing seemed such a 'waste of time', reflecting on it, we are really fortunate to have that space. But let's just move on as quickly as we can from that memory of gloom and glumness and instead marvel at just how many pictures I *did* find when I eventually emptied my camera!

And the sun is returning, the days are getting stronger light ever so slightly, and we know that we are moving towards a new spring. Blossom! Outside play! Doors and windows open! insha'allah. Such sweet joys to look forward to.

Until then we have tea, cosiness and take-along craft to occupy our hands and fill our minds.

And more than that, we have each other masha'allah.

Easing back in - into the blog, the outside world after a long time curling up in illness, into new craft projects and back into old projects with new vigour. It feels good to be back. And you? How have you been? I've missed your daily chatter - pull up a chair and tell me everything that's been going on in your life...

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In other blog-related news I've syndicated the blog onto Amazon for download onto Kindle - I don't charge - it's the Man that's making the money (99p for a monthly subscription! I don't get a penny!) - so if you'd like to take me along on Kindle for train rides and park bench knitting sprees (I think that sounds rather 'me' - to think of someone sitting on a park bench with their knitting, a cup of coffee and this blog on their kindle as their children play around them, oh I like the sound of that...) you can find me over on Amazon HERE.

{and talking of Kindle, the first issue of Seasonal Living & Learning e-zine can now be bought for Kindle too - and a 'Look Inside' or free sample can be found on Amazon HERE}

Also, to bring some coherency to my blog/etsy business (which have different names), I'm now under the umbrella name of Vintagalia and you might see me around as that in Blogger too - Vintagalia.blogspot.com - this blog won't be moving, and I won't be changing this blog's name, but it just makes it easier when giving the web a place to point its cursor at, so to speak. If anyone wants to link to Vintagalia rather than My So Called Life, then please do - it's all the same really. A badge for linking can also now be used ::


Thanks friends!

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