Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Rustic Pouch




One thing I did manage to quickly hobble together in our weeks of illness was this rather rustic looking pouch. As is evident by its construction, it was an easy make - being simply two cushion/pillow covers that sat on top of my 'reclaiming the fabric' pile, sewn together, hemmed at the top, with an added length of cotton tape for closure. And an embroidery detail just to show what this pouch was for - love letters.

Yes, I get love letters. Not from the oaf I call 'husband', but from the two apples of my eyes, my babes. A stream of letters steadily make their way into my hands each week, but the weeks we were ill the letters flowed pretty constantly - 'I love you mummy', 'I hope you feel better mummy'. And I would leave them letters to find in the morning, 'Mummy loves you even though you have big gobs', and 'Mummy loves you even though you're mental'. My work desk was overflowing with love, and so this pouch was quickly envisaged and made in about ten minutes, and is now where I keep all the love together.




A love letter pouch; so simple, yet so useful. Do you have somewhere for your love letters too??

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  1. aww this is so beautiful, MashaAllah! <3 Alice said "I love you" for the first time today! can't wait until she's writing me love letters too :P

  2. My love letters go in a box but your pouch is much better. I want one like that!

  3. They are all keepers - can't throw any out. I have no room for boxes in this house - everything has to be able to be folded down and placed in a niche!


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