Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Mod Podge Diaries.... 1

Organisation is something I like doing. It feels like I'm achieving something tangible. Folded, tidied, put away, everything with a little home of its own, perhaps even a folder, or wallet, or box. Yes, that's me. I like everything to have a home.

What I do *not* like is spending money on other peoples' ideas of how to get organised - gosh there are some ugly creations out there - plastic tubs stacked on another (I have my fair share of these before you say anything), drawers for paper which take up too much room, filing systems that are expensive. My idea of organisation has to square perfectly with being a) compact and put-away-able and b) dirt cheap bordering on free. And yes, if we're honest, c) homemade.



And d) 'beautiful'. Recently I needed a place to put all the worksheets and work the boys get through - filing systems, under the bed, in a bag, left near the printer - all these options had been tried and tested, and I couldn't ignore the mass of work any longer. These free cardboard boxes suited me - they are the right size, strong and stackable. Alas, they lacked the quality of 'beauty'.

Enter Mod Podge to the rescue. Again.

With just a little piece of Penguin Classic wrapping paper from our department store I pasted the sides of the boxes with this faux bookshelf, and ta-da! instant granny chic camoflage for an ugly box!






I can place these on a shelf out of the way and they instantly blend in with the aesthetic of the decor. Granny Chic camoflage for sure. I like it. I may be doing it again. I may even attempt to cover the children in it. Watch this space.

*** *** ***


  1. Definitely cover the children in it!

  2. imagine how pretty they'd look sitting in a corner...

    1. *If* you can get them to sit...

  3. You are a genius lady! :) x

  4. I know. I am pretty awesome actually. :P

  5. Love the wrapping paper, ive seen it in John Lewis, they have a great selection of wrapping papers, ive bought many rolls of it home and stashed it for decoupage projects!


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