Sunday, 29 January 2012






:: A weekend worry of more sickness was allayed by a morning (the whole morning!) nap for the little guy. Ahhh, a blessing to see him wake up happier.

:: The grey rain held off to allow the the sun to blaze through at some point this weekend. I dreamed of spring, and seeds not yet ordered! (Eek!!)

:: Then I noticed the dust everywhere.... shall I dust, or just wait for it to start raining again so I don't see it anymore? I think the latter... I have knitting and tea to occupy me...

:: Reading a new book and wondering how I've lived life without it, and learning more by page 28 than in an entire 30-something years combined (it's a good one, will share when I've digested it...)

:: Planning a little bit of gaming with the babes in front of the checkers board.

:: Wishing you a peaceful end to the weekend!

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