Thursday, 16 February 2012









I spend a fair amount of my time each week taxiing my babes to various classes. I can only imagine this time will increase as they get older. In a few places where waiting is obligatory I have made for myself a mama combat survival bag where I can place and quickly grab all the things which will stop me losing the will to live as I wait and wait and wait.

Liking this pattern and this pattern with varying degrees, but not enough to straight copy, I drew up a little pouch of my own to suit my needs - big enough for a pad, a pen, a pouch for my phone, a pocket for quick access to keys, adjustable/removable strap and, uh, pretty. It just about fits everything except the knitting, and is small enough to put into a larger basket to take along too, if I want to take the knitting with me.

The fabric is Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy that I've hoarded for years, with some 'Magic Beans' by American Jane thrown in for good measure.

So far it has held up pretty well, and I do like not having to scrabble around in my huge, take-everywhere bag to find things!

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  1. Have you seen this?
    There is a tiny owl knits group on rav and people are always looking for little bags to store their hexipuffs in progress in. You should check it out! This bag would be perfect! I bet you could sell this.

    Awesome fabric selection!

  2. Thankyou Sophia. Wow, that's crazy... I've never seen anything like it. That would drive crazy trying to keep all those pieces together!


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