Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Thinking of Green






February. The longest month in all but days. It drags so painfully on. This past weekend it suddenly struck me that I hadn't ordered seeds for our allotment yet! The seed stash was rummaged through, the list written, and I think we'll actually have enough seeds this year without re-ordering any.

The thought of being able to set seeds off, to be surrounded by greenery once again, well it makes me giddy just thinking about it. The smell of things growing surely is one of the most satisfying aromas there is. I honestly can not wait until growing season is back on.

If only February would just hurry up.....

How do you survive winter? Any tips? Apart from comfort foods and sulking!

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  1. Knitting. Perhaps a bit of crochet. I'm pregnant so sulking anyway and doubtless that'll get worse with increasing heat, not better.

  2. I'm a summer girl but I have been learning that the only way to make it through winter is by embracing what it brings. I live in one of the coldest countries on Earth and it doesn't help if you hate winter if you live here. Perhaps, if some day I move to a hot country I'll go back to hating cold, snow, and gloomy days. For now, I want to be thankful I live in a house with heating and if it ever gets too freezing cold out there I can just go inside.
    I look forward to seeing your allotment grow this summer as I'm not gonna be bothering this time around; I go often camping and it's a hassle to find plant sitters.

  3. I do try to enjoy the season I'm in, but it gets to February and that's when my resolve snaps - spring is so near and I get tetchy for being in the garden!

  4. This post, and the spring longing really speaks to me, as I have been feeling much the same way! I have been dreaming about redesigning our garden so we can grow more veggies this year, looking forward to not having to put the heating on and pinning inspirational things on pintrest to do once the spring is here. Not sure if it is helping at all, but it helps to pass the time!

  5. Yeah I'm bored with sit at home stuff. Really feel like getting back out there. Very mild here today - wonder if the ground is frozen? Have you tried putting a spade through in your allotment?


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